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Frequently Asked Questions

Did Grammaropolis really come from classroom lesson plans?

Indeed, it did. Back when the Mayor was teaching 7th grade Grammar and Writing, he developed the idea of personified parts of speech to help address the different learning styles in his class. Here is the assignment that started it all.

What Are the Minimum Tech Requirements for Grammaropolis?

Grammaropolis contains videos, books, and related fanciness. You'll need a modern browser to ensure that you have the best personified-parts-of-speech experience possible. Flash is required for the games section of the site.

May we suggest these browsers:

At the very least you'll need Internet Explorer 8.

Is anything on the site free?

Yep! The noun neighborhood is fully functional. You can read the book, watch the videos, and take all the quizzes. If you want to start performance tracking (free!) on the nouns, you’ll want to create an account. The music videos and information pages for all parts of speech are free as well.

How long is "Forever"?

For the purposes of the "Forever" subscription, "Forever" isn't really forever. In this case, the "forever" plan gives you access to the current content on Grammaropolis.com for as long as Grammaropolis.com is online. We certainly hope it's forever, but, as the Mayor is not a soothsayer, we can't legally make that promise! We no longer offer the "forever" subscription, if you currently have a forever subscription you may contact support@gramamropolis.com to complete an upgrade to access Punctuation and the Sentence Factory!

How does performance tracking work?

We wanted to provide multiple "user" accounts with only one login, so as your kids advance through the map on each part of speech page (or as they take quizzes from the quiz page) they will be presented with a screen that contains a button for each of the students signed up through your account. The name selection happens between each of the videos or books and its corresponding quiz.

For example, if Child 1 watches the Noun Town video but does not take the corresponding quiz, he does not get credit for "Visiting Noun Town" on the dashboard. With multiple users, if Child 1 was the last one to take a quiz, and Child 2 watches a video and then takes the corresponding quiz, the dashboard and map will update Child 2's progress. To check the your children's progress, simply click the passports on your dashboard.

You can also change or confirm users on the Quizzes page.

How do I change which kid's map I see?

On each map for each part of speech seciton you will see a kid's name directly above the top left of their progress map.

You can then click on it to see other kids to switch to. Click on the name you wishto see the progress for and the map should update.

Is Grammaropolis available for mobile devices?

You bet! The award-winning mobile app version of Grammaropolis is available on both iOS and Android.

Our first iPhone App, the Top Ten bestselling “Word Sort by Grammaropolis” is also available in the App Store.

What is the difference between the website and the app?

All the content from the website – except for the games section – is available with the Complete Edition app. The main difference is with the functionality of the tracking. The website offers a parent dashboard from which you can track the progress of up to 5 children. The iOS and Android apps do not have access to different child accounts; rather, they store tracking information for an individual user on the device, which can be reset at any time.

How can I pay?

Grammaropolis accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club cards.

What happens if my child starts correcting my grammar?

Jump for joy! A grammar-correcting adult can be annoying; a grammar-correcting child is a thing of beauty.

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