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“Like Grammar Rock and the Mr. Men books had an adorable love child…. It's a whole gang of parts of speech for a new generation of language nerds, and the best part is that their personalities not only keep it fun, but make it all easier to learn.”

– Cool Mom Picks

"We have tried many grammar programs but all have failed. My nine year old is having a lot of fun with Grammaropolis. The reading, videos, quizzes, etc. have all helped cement the parts of speech. My son said it was easy to understand and didnt go too fast. We will definitely continue using it and tell our friends!"

- lillehei, Homeschool Buyers Co-op Member

These videos are way better than the boring worksheets we do at school."

- Maggie, a first grader from Houston, TX

“Grammar is often a subject that is taught purely through memorization of rules and drill and skill exercises. This makes it difficult for students to really understand grammar. Grammaropolis is an excellent solution to this problem.”

– The Apple

“A great website that students can use to help them learn parts of speech and build their reading skills… The stories and animated characters are perfect for helping students remember what they are learning. Students can also directly tie back what they have learned with these stories to the characters. The videos and songs will help students associate the characters with the parts of speech and fun at the same time!”

- Learning Today

“Visual learners will absolutely love this site that personifies the parts of speech.”

– iLearn Technology

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