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We’ve partnered with the Parents’ Choice Award-winning children’s musician Doctor Noize to create a full-length music album including a song for each individual part of speech.

Every song is a different musical genre, from an epic musical theater Verb number to a gospel-inspired Conjunction tune. The Interjection grooves to a techno electronica track and the Pronoun sings his piano blues.

Each of our short videos illustrates a specific role of an individual part of speech or shows a certain relationship between two or more characters.


parts of speech

Every part of speech has its own neighborhood that includes a curriculum map with songs, books, videos, and quizzes. Follow the map to earn your badge!

Because the parts of speech are personified based on their roles in the sentence, the characterization provides students with a more effective way to visualize and internalize the roles of the parts of speech and to identify how a sentence is put together.

Each neighborhood offers short quizzes to check comprehension after every song, book, or video.

Take longer quizzes as part of the neighborhood curriculum maps, or check our ever-growing list of specialty quizzes for every part of speech in the quiz library.

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It’s the Meet the Parts of Speech book series! Enjoy our illustrated books for the individual part of speech, with stories tailored to the particular responsibilities and characteristics of each.

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