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Lyrics (Extended album Versions)

I Got the Blues

Verse 1A

I got the blues
I’m a Pronoun, baby.
I ain’t mean nothin’ without you, Noun.
It’s got me so down, ladies.
I take the place of one or more nouns,
But antecedents come before the pronoun.
Oh baby! I wanna function by myself!
Don’t wanna need nobody’s help!
But nobody seems to understand me without my antecedent noun.
Like when I told my baby...

Verse 1B

Yeah I went to see her.
But she didn’t understand, she just said...
“Whom did you see?”
I told her this was it.
And she said what?
And I said us.
She didn’t fuss
She just said:
What you talkin’ ‘bout, babe?
And I said hey, why can’t you understand anything from me.

And I said I don’t like those Nouns
‘Cause they think they own this.
And she said what?
I said they think they own this town.
Ah girl, it gets me down --
Why must I become an Adjective to you?
Woo it makes me blue.
Ooh boo hoo!

Chorus 1

Mamma always told me:
Go be your own man in this wide world of words.
But what can I do?
Whoa Madame Noun -- I don’t want to, but I need you.
I’m a pronoun and I’m blue.


You know, babe...
Nobody knows anything about me
If they knew me better, they’d respect me more.
They’d wanna be with me... They’d wanna hang with me
So lemme loosen up my tie, gimme another juice box on the rocks.
And lemme tell you just what--
I’m a—Pronoun, baby, yeah!

Verse 2A

A personal pronoun refers to a specific person or thing.
Ow, let’s make it personal, baby, a-skee-bop a-doo-bop a-ringading-ding!
I can be subjective, babe -- and act as the subject of the sentence
Like I, you, he, she -- oww! -- it, they or we.
Or I can be objective -- Objectify me babe! -- I’ll be the object of a verb, preposition, or infinitive phrase.
Like me, you, him, her -- oww! -- it, them or us.

Verse 2B

And I admit, sometimes I’m possessive babe, yeah I’m a possessive possessive pronoun, ‘cause I wanna own my love so bad.
Yes I admit, Sometimes I act as a marker of ownership or possession like mine or yours or his or hers -- oww! -- and it drives me mad.

And I can be demonstrative for you babe, for your love.
Show you this, these, that or those -- ohhh!!!
Or I can be interrogative for you babe
Like who, whom, which, what, and whoaaa!


Yeah though sometimes, like anyone, I’m indefinite.
And sometimes I am relative.
Sometimes I feel reflexive to myself.
And sometimes I, myself, am intensive.
But what can’t I do?
When I’m so in love with you.

(Ladies gasp)

Don’t let this pronoun stay blue.
Babe, won’t you help me make it through.
If you will be my antecedent, babe,
Then I’ll tie my true blue meaning...
To you.

Pronouns, baby.

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