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I join words or word groups. Yes, indeed!

Conjunction Introduction
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Conjunction Table of Contents


A conjunction can join words.

Billy and Joaquin played basketball this morning.

Ask her to call heads or tails.

Conjunctions Join Words

Joins Phrases

A conjunction can join phrases.

I kept my treasure under the bed or in a box.

Penguins have white bellies and black wings.

Conjunctions Join Phrases

Joins Clauses

A conjunction can join clauses.

Nelson’s platypus won’t bite unless the moon is full.

Whenever you tell me jokes, I laugh.

Conjunction Joins Clauses


A coordinating conjunction is used to join words, phrases, or independent clauses.


Albert’s sister just gave me milk and cookies.


Would you prefer to live in the city or in the country?

Independent clauses:

My grandfather is very old, yet he looks just like me.

Coordinating Conjunctios


A subordinating conjunction introduces a subordinate, or dependent, clause.

The streets were flooded because it rained so hard.

Wherever my brother goes, people tell him he looks like a hermit crab.

Subordinating Conjunctions


A correlative conjunction is a two-word conjunction used to join words or phrases used in the same way.

Both my little sister and my elderly grandmother are fans of the Disney channel.

I am allowed to play either in the front yard or in the back yard.

Coorrelative Conjunctios