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I show the relationship between the object—Noun or Pronoun—and other words in the sentence.

Meet Lil' Pete the preposition
Locates an Object in Time Locates an Object in Space Shows a Logical Relationship Compound Prepositions Prepositions and Adverbs
Preposition Table of Contents

A preposition is placed at the beginning of a prepositional phrase.

into the bank.

beside Angie’s white bicycle

throughout the entire day

Preposition is at the beginning of a prepositions phrase

A preposition can locate the object in time.

I never eat during class.

Jimmy went outside after dinner.

Prepositions Locate an Object in Time

A preposition can locate the object in space.

The moon shone brightly in the night sky.

I left a key under the welcome mat.

Prepositions Locate an Object in Space

A preposition can show a logical relationship between the object and another word in the sentence.

I have always wanted to dance like Michael Jackson.

Are people still for the fountain of youth?

Prepositions show a logical relationship


A compound preposition is a single preposition that is more than one word.

We won the game because of Billy’s lucky shoes.

According to my dad, the meteor shower is over.

Compound Prepositions

& Adverbs

Some words can be used as either prepositions or adverbs, but how do you tell the difference? Remember a preposition always has to be at the front of the phrase. If there’s no phrase, it’s not a preposition!

We ran around the field.

around the field is a prepositional phrase, so around is a preposition.

We ran around.

around is by itself, without the rest of a phrase. That means it’s an adverb.

Prepositions and Adverbs